Dicota D30920


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Lightweight notebook case with protective function Live smart with MULTI BASE! The handy clamshell case protects your notebook perfectly thanks to the cushioned notebook compartment with metal wire frame. This lightweight notebook case guarantees flexible mobility – both professionally and privately. Give your life a little colour. The case is available in blue, red, grey and black. Your 14-15.6” notebook is not only optimally protected, it can also be securely fixed into the compartment using a strap. The front pocket provides space for accessories. So all your important things are handy at all times. The shoulder strap is removable. Thanks to its comfortable carry handle, the case is comfortable to hold and can be instantly fixed to the trolley using the integrated strap – the smart case from the lightweight class! – Cushioned notebook compartment with metal wire frame for extra protection – Notebook strap keeps the notebook securely in place in the compartment – Front pocket with room for accessories – Comfortable handle – Trolley fastening strap on the back of the case – Removable shoulder strap

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