Lenovo Polisa serwisowa 4 YR Onsite Service (5WS0A23136)



Wsparcie na miejscu : YesModel : On-siteWsparcie telefoniczne : YesCzas serwisowania (dni x godziny) : 7x24Liczba lat : 4Następny dzień roboczy (NDR) : YesLiczba licencji użytkownika : 1Inne funkcje : • Onsite Service:Parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at customers place of business or home. Onsite service is next business day or second business day, during normal in-country office hours and based on when call is received by the Lenovo support agent. A Lenovo certified technician will be dispatched to your place of business/residence in such cases where the problem cannot be solved over the phone. Gwarancja : 0Producer product name : 4Y On-site NBD upgrade from 3Y On-site NBDProducer product family : warranty 4Y Onsite upgrade from 3Y Onsite for A,L,T,X series NBKompatybilna : ThinkPad 13(Windows),ThinkPad L412,ThinkPad L420,ThinkPad L430,ThinkPad L440,ThinkPad L450,ThinkPad L460,ThinkPad L520,ThinkPad L530,ThinkPad L540,ThinkPad L560,ThinkPad T410,ThinkPad T410s,ThinkPad T420,ThinkPad T420s,ThinkPad T430/T430i,ThinkPad T430s/T430si,ThinkPad T430u (Sealed Battery),ThinkPad T431s,ThinkPad T440,ThinkPad T440p,ThinkPad T440s (Sealed Battery),ThinkPad T450,ThinkPad T450s,Thinkpad T460,ThinkPad T460p,ThinkPad T460s,ThinkPad T500,ThinkPad T510,ThinkPad T520,ThinkPad T530,ThinkPad T540p,ThinkPad T550,ThinkPad T560,ThinkPad W500,ThinkPad W510,ThinkPad W520,ThinkPad W530,ThinkPad W540,ThinkPad W541,ThinkPad W550s,ThinkPad X201,ThinkPad X201 Tablet,ThinkPad X220,ThinkPad X220 Tablet,ThinkPad X230,ThinkPad X230/X230i Tablet,ThinkPad X240,ThinkPad X250,ThinkPad X260Waga brutto : 0.20Packing quantity : 1.00Gross depth master carton : 210.00Gross width master carton : 10.00Gross height master carton : 150.00Net weight master carton : 0.20Embeeded battery : NoWEEE tax : No…

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